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Level Up Your Money Game: Essential Finance Tips for Gen Z

Level Up Your Money Game: Essential Finance Tips for Gen Z

Level Up Your Money Game: Essential Finance Tips for Gen Z 2560 950 Waterford Bank NA

Nicole Saylor, AVP, Branch Customer Service Manager

Navigating the realm of personal finance requires strategy, quick thinking, and a solid game plan. Ready to power up your financial skills?

This guide offers essential practices for Gen Z (and Millennials) to help level up your money management game from the start.

Master Budget Basics for Gen Z

No cheat codes required – budgeting is the backbone of effective financial management. Familiarize yourself with your income and spending to make informed financial decisions. Need help making a plan? Leverage modern budgeting tools like Mint (now through Credit Karma) or YNAB (You Need A Budget) to simplify budget tracking and gain insights into your spending patterns.

Every hero plans for major challenges. Set aside loot for significant quests like home purchases or personal projects and compare various financing options to secure the best deals.

GenZ male plays games on an expensive gaming PC.

With savings set aside, you can treat yourself to that gaming set up, new bag, or other item of your hearts desire – without the guilt or consequences of spending funds you may need for other expenses like rent and bills.

Additionally, regular savings contribute to financial security. Begin with setting aside funds for an emergency that covers several months’ expenses. Subsequently, explore savings plans to prepare for retirement.

Gear Up with Financial Technology

Take full advantage of the convenience offered by mobile banking apps to keep a close eye on your finances, schedule payments, and receive instant alerts on suspicious activities. These apps play a crucial role in enhancing your financial security.

Next, remember to protect your financial data by using robust security measures like strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and being vigilant against phishing scams. No easy to guess things like birthdays or pet names – and don’t use “password” as a password or you’re just asking to get hacked!

Smart Credit Basics for Gen Z

In the gaming world, your reputation can open new paths or lock you out of opportunities. Similarly, developing a positive credit history early can significantly influence your financial opportunities, such as securing favorable loan terms in the future.

According to a report by VantageScore (a credit score modeling and analytics company), Gen Z has an average credit score of 665, with millennials ranking a little higher at 687. Both of those scores are considered good, but you can aim even higher. Credit scores max out at 850!

A GenZ female playing games on a Nintendo Switch.

Get that high score! Whether you’re playing the latest release or are working on your credit – the higher the score the better.

Shooting for that high score? Remember, a major part of your smart credit building plan should include using credit cards responsibly. Try to make full payments on your credit cards each month and keep your spending within manageable limits. Paying down those and other loan balances will help boost your score higher.

Make Impactful Financial Decisions

As your financial stability grows, consider how your finances can reflect your ethical values. Whether it’s supporting charitable causes, investing in green technologies, or backing community projects, your financial choices can contribute to societal well-being.

Finally, stay ahead of the game by keeping up with financial news and trends. Your quest for knowledge will sharpen your decisions and help you adapt to new patches or updates in the economic landscape. As your community bank, we offer a wealth of tools and videos within our education center. You can also peruse our blog articles for timely information on fraud, bank tech, and more.

By adopting these strategies, Gen Z and Millennials can take confident strides on their financial paths. Early and thoughtful financial planning paves the way for a secure and prosperous future. Ready player one? Embrace these practices today and stay on the leader board of strong finances tomorrow.

About the Author

Clarkston Branch Manager, Nicole Saylor

Nicole Saylor is the AVP, Branch Customer Service Manager at Waterford Bank, N.A. in Clarkston, Michigan. As a mother of three, she is a master in educating and problem solving – skills she brings to the job daily.

If you’d like to connect with Nicole to discuss your financial journey, please contact us here.

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