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Treasury Management

At Waterford Bank, our Treasury Management team understands the speed of business.

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We work closely with each of our clients to ensure that their challenges are met quickly and efficiently. Providing single-source access, personalized service and time-saving products, we provide each of our clients with thorough, round-the-clock banking solutions that work when they do.

Unlike many bigger banks who make clients call an 800 number for assistance on any of their questions, Waterford Bank gives our clients a single source of contact for all their Treasury Management needs, and we back it up with a staff that is always available to address needs or answer questions promptly.


We combine robust treasury solutions with industry expertise to help organizations optimize cash flows, maintain liquidity, manage risk and operate more efficiently. The services we use to do this include:

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    Account Reconciliation

    Simplify the time-consuming process of reconciling your business checking accounts with Account Reconciliation. With this service you can increase your business’s efficiency using a variety of reconciliation reports. Detailed reporting on Positive Pay, paid and outstanding checks, voids, and more, can help you better audit your bank statements and monthly transactions in a timely and accurate manner.

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    Automated Clearing House (ACH)

    Effectively manage your payables and receivables quickly and securely with ACH Origination. Backed with the ability to utilize dual approvals, your business can enjoy even tighter security management for your funds. ACH provides an accelerated means of sending and receiving funds quickly.

    ACH features you’ll love include:

    • Utilization of ACH templates to electronically pay suppliers, employee reimbursements, debit customer accounts, etc.
    • Audit reports available in ACH Manager portal
    • Mitigate risk of fraud associated with check payments
    • Same-day ACH available

    Better still, this service is conveniently accessed through a web-based program, so there is no additional software to download and maintain.

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    Waterford Bank Business Mobile Banking App

    Enjoy banking whenever and wherever you are with our Waterford Business Mobile Banking App. Download for free from your respective App store, Waterford Business Mobile Banking allows you 24/7 access to a variety of financial services from the convenience of your favorite mobile device.

    • View Account Balances
    • View Recent Transaction History
    • Approve Transfers Between Accounts
    • Approve ACH Transactions
    • Approve Wire Transfers
    • Business Bill Pay – Manage your business bills and pay them, right from your phone (You must enroll into Bill Pay through your Online Banking account first)
    • Mobile Check Deposit – deposit checks into your eligible account using your favorite Android or Apple® Mobile Device

    Download the Waterford Bank Business Toledo Mobile App from the App Store or GooglePlay Store today to begin. You can also review our Business Mobile Banking FAQs.

    Watch our Business Mobile Banking Video

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    Mobile Banking Enrollment

    To enroll in Business Mobile Banking, please contact your Treasury Management Specialist or Contact Us.

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    Mobile Check Deposit

    Save time and travel by making deposits from the convenience of your mobile device.

    • Deposit checks into your desired business account using your favorite Android or Apple® Mobile Device.
    • Accessible through your existing Waterford Bank Business Mobile App after the enrollment process is complete.
    • Monitor the status of your mobile deposits from the same menu.
    • Save time and travel expenses with fewer trips to the Bank.

    You’ll need three things before you get started:

    • An eligible Waterford Bank, N.A. account – Mobile Deposit can be used with an eligible Waterford Bank checking or savings account and enrollment in Waterford’s Internet/Online Banking.
    • Your mobile device – Mobile Deposit is supported by most Android and Apple® Devices.
    • The Waterford Bank Business Mobile App – Mobile Deposit is available in the Waterford Bank Business Mobile App. Visit the app store for your mobile device and search for Waterford Bank Business Toledo to download the App to your device.

    With these items in place, you’re now ready to get Mobile Deposit!

    To be eligible for Mobile Deposit the following criteria must be met:

    • User must be an established customer for 90 days
    • User must have not been NSF for the past 90 days on the account
    • Once you have met criteria and set up your Online Banking and Mobile Banking accounts, you can enroll into Mobile Deposit by completing the following:
    • Review and agree to Waterford’s Mobile Banking Services Agreement.
    • Contact your Treasury Management Specialist or Contact Us to complete enrollment.
    • Return the Consumer Mobile Deposit Capture Enrollment Form via secure email, fax, US mail, or drop it off to the Waterford Branch of your choice.
    • Allow 2 to 3 business days for account activation. You will see the option for Mobile Deposit on your Mobile Banking App once it has been activated.

    Still have Questions?

    Review our Business Mobile Banking FAQ, Mobile Deposit Capture Photo Instructions, or watch our video tutorial below.

    Watch our Mobile Deposit Video

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    Business Online Banking

    Enjoy 24-hour access to real-time account information from the convenience of your computer or eligible mobile device.

    With this service you can:

    • Monitor your checking and savings accounts, transaction history and more.
    • View transactions with up to 18 months of transaction history available.
    • Quickly move your money between accounts at your convenience or set up recurring transfers that take place automatically.
    • Track your spending habits or manage your bills online at a glance.
    • Take advantage of time-saving tools like ACH Transfers, Wire Transfers, Positive Pay, and more.

    Watch our Business Online Banking Video

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    Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS)®

    Gain access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance coverage in a certificate of deposit (CD) by investing in a CDARS CD.  You work directly with just us – the bank you know and trust – to make large deposits eligible for FDIC insurance and avoid the hassle of opening accounts at different banks in different insurable capacities.

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    Commercial Deposit Accounts

    With a variety of business deposit accounts, we offer an array of options for managing your money, backed by the service and expertise of our business banking specialists.

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    Corporate Debit and Credit Cards

    Tired of reviewing expense reports and writing checks for reimbursements? Having trouble keeping track of receipts?  Perhaps using a commercial debit or credit card is your answer.

    When it comes to making payments on the go, shop with confidence knowing you have a Waterford Business Debit or Credit Card in your wallet. Additionally, we offer:

    Credit card customers can also enjoy individually or consolidated billing options, online access and program management through eZBusiness, a robust rewards program, and no annual fee for cards.

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    Insured Cash Sweep, ICS®

    ICS® service is a smart, convenient way to earn interest and make your large-dollar deposits eligible for multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance. Like the CDARS CD, this account is 100% FDIC insured. Unlike the CDARS CD, this account is fully liquid. Peace of mind, convenience, and earn interest on your investment are just a few of the benefits that come with utilizing an ICS account.

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    Lockbox Services

    Let our team of professionals take over the mundane tasks associated with daily receivables processing.  For businesses with high or low volume receivables, Lockbox Service may be a great option to save you time and money!

    If you receive frequent payments and documents by mail, our Lockbox service can help:

    • reduce business’s expenses
    • improve cash flow
    • update your accounting systems quickly

    On a daily basis our courier picks up payments from a secure PO Box and deposits them directly into your account to speed up the processing time of your receivables. Lockbox clients receive same-day, online reporting with images scanned for both checks and remittance information to a robust online portal.

    Watch our Lockbox Video

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    Merchant Services

    Finding the right payment processing system can be difficult, but at Waterford you are never alone. Our team includes a dedicated in-house Merchant Service professional who is ready to provide hands on solutions to your payment processing needs.

    Through our flexible programs, you will benefit from:

    • No Hidden Fees Policy
    • Next Day Funding
    • Local Services and Support
    • PCI Compliance Assistance

    We offer a variety of payment processing solutions that are ideal for the following industries.

    • E-Commerce Payment Processing
    • Business-to-Business with Level 2 , Level 3 and Large Ticket Payment Processing
    • Retail / Restaurant Payment Processing
    • Seasonal Payment Processing
    • Medical/Dental Payment Processing
    • Non-Profit Organizations
    • And more

    Accepting payments is just the start of our Merchant Service offerings. See how we can help your business grow by taking advantage of our comprehensive statement analysis; call us today to learn more!

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    Positive Pay

    It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” your business will experience some type of checking account fraud. Don’t allow your business to become part of the statistic; instead, be a part of the solution.

    Positive Pay is a two-fold fraud protection service that helps detect unauthorized checks and ACH debit transactions, to help prevent fraudsters from tampering with your company’s funds. Here’s how it works:

    • As checks are issued, your company uploads a file into online banking containing information about each check.
    • Positive Pay matches this information as checks clear your account and any checks that don’t match are held as an “exception item” for your company to pay or return.
    • Any ACH debit that hits your company’s account is considered an “exception item”.
      • You can create a filter with various limits to allow routine authorized transaction to pass-through hassle free.
    • When there are exception items to review, a daily email is sent to a user instructing them to log into the Positive Pay system and pay or return items that were flagged.

    Protect your money and stop fraud before it happens. Enroll in Positive Pay service today!

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    Remote Deposit Capture

    Deposit checks from the convenience of your office.  A compatible deposit scanner, computer, and internet access is all that is needed to make remote deposits.

    Submitting your deposits electronically is the quickest way to turn check deposits into cash, and it offers many advantages:

    • make deposits anytime
    • save time preparing deposits
    • consolidate funds from remote locations into one bank
    • cut trips to the bank
    • deposits processed by 7:00 pm will post to the same business day

    It’s an ideal solution for a business that has multiple locations, makes deposits after normal banking hours, pays transportation costs to deliver deposits to the bank, or receives checks with large dollar amounts.

    Watch our Remote Deposit Video

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    Sweep Accounts

    Make your money work for you with a Sweep Account. Earn or save money through automatic fund transfers; to and from interest-bearing accounts or lines of credit.

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    Wire Transfer Services

    Our Wire Transfer Service is a fast, reliable, and secure way to collect or disburse funds in the United States or internationally. With a wire transfer, no cash or checks are exchanged. Domestic or international Wire Transfers can be initiated or scheduled for a future date using Business Online Banking, accessible 24/7.

    With Waterford’s Wire Transfer Service you can:

    • Move funds domestically or internationally
    • Send foreign currency wires
    • Instantly move funds for larger purchases, payments, acquisitions, etc.
    • Require dual approval, for stronger internal controls
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    Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

    With Zero Balance Accounts, excess funds from multiple accounts are automatically consolidated into one concentration account at the end of each business day. These funds are then automatically moved into your other operating accounts to cover any items that need to be paid. This helps ZBA account owners:

    • Improve cash management
    • Enhance cash flow by maintaining zero balances in your subsidiary operating accounts
    • Eliminate complexity with fewer accounts to fund
    • Reduce workload with no need for manual account transfers

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