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Soft Tokens


Waterford Bank, N.A. works hard to deliver the highest level of protection to our Business Online Banking customers. That’s why we offer a free soft token mobile app that generates a secure one-time password to use each time you log in to your account.




Soft tokens are a secure way to log on to Business Online Banking, transfer funds, and complete other key transactions that require a high level of security. They deliver a one-time pass code to your smartphone or tablet rather than through a hard token device.

Combined with a PIN that you create when setting up the soft token, it offers maximum protection against criminal fraudsters. You can even use the soft token as an extra layer of protection for wire, ACH or other high-dollar transactions.

A soft token is convenient – just install the app on your smartphone and it’s there whenever you need it. If you are a multi-account holder with Waterford Bank, N.A., a single installation of the app can hold multiple tokens for use when you log in to each of your accounts.

You’ll find the app in your smartphone’s app stores by searching for “DIGIPASS for Business Banking”.




Learn how Soft Tokens can work for you by reviewing the Soft Token User Guide here or watching the video below.

Watch our Soft Token Video.




Q: What is a soft token?

A: A soft token is a software app that is downloaded and installed on your Apple or Android smartphone. The app adds an extra layer of protection to your Business Online and Mobile Banking account by generating a one-time password each time you log in. This random string of numbers is used when logging into your account or completing certain transactions such as ACH or wires.

Q: How will the new soft tokens work?

A: Once you download and activate the free token app you will no longer need to carry a hard token with you. Each time you log on, or transfer money, a one-time password will be securely sent to your mobile device with the app installed.

Q: Where do I find the app?

A: You can find and download the free soft token app, which works on Apple or Android smartphones and other devices, by searching for “DIGIPASS for Business Banking” in either the Apple or Google Play app stores.

Q: How secure are soft tokens?

A: Very secure. They provide you with a unique, one-time pass code each time you log on to Business Online or Mobile Banking, to complete the transfer of funds, and other key transactions.

Q: How do I sign-up for soft tokens?

A: Follow the instructions in our User Guide here or contact your Treasury Management representative. There is no charge to use soft tokens or download the app. Mobile carrier rates may apply through your phone provider for app usage.


At Waterford Bank, N.A. we are active in helping our customers achieve their unique picture of financial success. From account management to growing a business and beyond, our team is home to decades of financial experience. If you have questions about our new soft tokens or any other banking needs contact us.


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