Security & Privacy

At Waterford Bank, N.A., we use leading-edge technology to ensure that all customer information is safe, but security is a team effort and you can help keep your information secure.The following resources are for your benefit to help educate yourself and let you know how we protect you.

Whether banking, shopping, social networking, tracking our health or downloading the latest app, in today’s interconnected world, practicing good cyber security is critical. All digital citizens must learn to stay safer and more secure in their ever-expanding digital lives. This includes preventing and responding to identity theft and scams, ensuring that home networks are secure, managing the security of mobile devices and teaching children to use the Internet safely, securely and responsibly.

Security & Privacy Resources

Online Banking Security   Privacy Policy   Identity Theft information   Cybersecurity Tips


Fraud Alert   Mobile Device Security   Business Email Compromise   Visa Purchase Alerts

Additional Education

We strive to keep your protected information secure, but hope from researching the above topics you see that protecting your information is a full time job you also need to prepare for. Use the following links for more resources on what we are doing and how you can help protect yourself.

  • Education Center – Our Education Center houses many video resources, offering you helpful tips to protect your information.
  • News – From Ransomware to Back to School Security, when we hear about important security news we share it here.
  • Contact Us – If you have questions about information provided or suspect suspicious activity to your account, contact us immediately.