Person using new photo safe deposit checks

Photo Safe Deposit Checks

Depositing Checks With Your Smartphone Just Got Safer
It’s a snap to deposit checks with your smartphone or tablet. Now, Photo Safe Deposit™ built-in security features on all personal checks make it worry-free!  

The personal checks you order from us will automatically include Photo Safe Deposit security features. These special, built-in features help protect you from fraud and make it easy to manage deposits made with your smartphone or tablet. Here’s how it works:


Photo safe deposit features


Photo Safe Deposit Icon
Instead of a padlock on your checks, you’ll see a photo icon that tells you your checks include mobile deposit fraud prevention features.

Account and bank information is printed on both sides so we can verify they belong to the same check. This helps deter someone from using your endorsement signature on multiple checks.

We’ve included a handy checkbox to help you manage your mobile deposits and avoid depositing the same check twice.

Photo Safe Deposit is an added layer of protection available for mobile deposits! If you’re already making mobile deposits or want to get started, order new checks today to help keep them safe and secure. With Photo Safe Deposit, it’s a snap!