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Online Banking

Now you can have 24-hour access to real-time account information from the convenience of your personal computer. Waterford Bank, N.A.’s online banking is convenient, easy to use and more secure than ever. With this service you can monitor your checking and savings accounts, transaction history and more. Quickly move your money between accounts at your convenience or set up recurring transfers that take place automatically. You can even track your spending habits or manage your bills online at a glance. Save yourself time and money through the variety of services online banking has to offer.

Online Bill Pay

Simplify your life with Waterford Bank, N.A.’s online bill pay. This service provides you with an easy, secure and convenient way to pay your bills from your online account. Online bill pay works on your schedule, so you can set up when you make your payments and how they will be delivered with a few clicks. It also provides you more control, quickly organizing your bills and highlighting pertinent information available to you at a glance. Pay, track and manage all of your bill activity in a matter of minutes, thanks to online bill pay.

Bank by Phone and Mail

When you can’t get to the bank, you can facilitate your banking by mail. And when mail isn’t fast enough, you can just phone it in.

Visa Check Card/ATM Card

Have your purchases deducted directly from your checking account. It’s more convenient and more secure.