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Mobile Banking App Upgrades – Instant Balance

Instant Balance Feature

Instant Balance is a secure, read-only feature that allows you to see select balance accounts without logging into your Waterford Mobile Banking App. To activate the feature:

  • Tap the “Save ID” icon on the app login screen.
  • Tap the Instant Balance Icon at the top right of your screen.
  • After a short introduction, tap Log in and Set up, then enter your username and password.
  • Toggle the Instant Balance switch to the On (green) position and select up to six accounts that you would like to view from Instant Balance.
  • Tap the large green Save button and confirm your selections.

Your Instant Balance Accounts are now set up. The next time you launch your app, simply tap the Instant Balance Icon at the top right of your screen and view selected accounts without logging in. You can always modify your Instant Balance Settings from the More menu on your dashboard and navigating to Instant Balance Settings.

Mobile App Instant Balance Screen