Mortgage and Treasury team in a meeting


Bank  redefined.

What products should we offer? Who should we hire? What should our hours be? The across-the-board answer is actually another question, and it’s always the same: What does the client need? The client is at the heart of every decision we make. This client-centric focus has been an integral part of Waterford’s “mantra” of redefining relationship banking from day one. It’s just one of the ways we differentiate ourselves from all the other traditional banks. Here are some other ways:

  • A commitment to meet all the banking needs of our community, its businesses and its citizens.
  • Operations specialists who make it possible to offer a range of products and services usually offered only by much larger banks.
  • Our belief that exceptional service is the expectation and right of each client.
  • A locally based headquarters that enables us to quickly customize solutions on an individual basis, helping clients respond to changing market conditions with speed and agility that’s often unprecedented.

Business is built on relationships. Relationships are built on people.

We surround ourselves with highest quality talent to service clients of the same caliber – owners and managers of small- to-medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs and professionals. It started in August 2007 with three individuals who together have more than 100 years of banking experience in the Toledo community. Actively supported by five outside directors, Waterford Bank opened to the public with one of the largest initial capital bases of any community bank in Ohio.

Today, along with experienced industry leaders who have joined us, we continue to make Waterford the preeminent provider of integrated and customized financial services in all our communities. That said, in the end it’s not so much about who we are, but what we’re all about. And what we’re all about is you.