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Card Valet: A Must-Have App for Those with a Debit Card

Waterford Bank, N.A.

Card Valet: A Must-Have App for Those with a Debit Card

Card Valet: A Must-Have App for Those with a Debit Card 1280 800 Waterford Bank NA

Cathy Martin SVP & CIO, Waterford Bank, N.A.

*Update: Effective Q3 2022, Personal Banking customers can access Debit Card Management services directly through their Waterford Mobile Banking App. Business Banking customers will still use Card Valet for Business Debit Card Management.

Your Debit Card is a direct link to your bank account – does that worry you? It should! While wonderfully convenient for spending and not OVER spending, a debit card can also be a crook’s dream-come-true, allowing them to spend all your hard-earned cash in no time at all. For your protection, Waterford Bank, N.A., offers an app for your smart phone which will help you combat these thieves, while at the same time helping you control your own spending.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone with a debit card would NOT want to have this app.  Here’s a quick look at the most common features available:

  • Turn your card off if misplaced
  • Send you an alert each time the card is used
  • Make sure that your card is only used when in proximity to your phone (i.e. YOU are using it)
  • Do not allow the card to be used at certain merchants (e.g. gas stations who are notorious for having skimmers on their card readers)
  • Limit the dollar amount of each transaction to help with your budget

Multi-Card Capabilities

Another nice feature is the ability to control multiple cards – with the permission of the other cardholders.

Debit cards are a great tool for helping you manage your money – be wise and manage your debit card too!  Get the Card Valet app today and register your debit cards – don’t wait until it is too late!

Learn more about Card Valet

With the Card Valet App, effective July 8th, you can gain time and peace of mind knowing you can control your Waterford Business Debit Cards right from your mobile device.

Set real-time alerts, merchant restrictions, and even turn your card on and off with a click. Learn more about what Card Valet can do for you.

About the Author

Cathy Martin is the SVP and CIO of Waterford Bank, N.A. She enjoys providing security and fraud prevention tips to help customers better protect themselves and their finances.

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